Minutes of the Meeting Fitzwilliam Town Library Board of Trustees 5 June 2017

Present: Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Ann McEntee, Nick Noyes, and Director Kate Thomas

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM in the Quick Meeting Room of the Library.

The minutes of the May 1st meeting were accepted as presented. Richard Mays, in the interest of saving paper, suggested that the final copy of the minutes be sent electronically to the Trustees prior to the monthly meeting for their review. They would then be voted upon during the meeting. All agreed to the suggestion.

The Trustees reviewed Kate Thomas’s spread sheet of library expenses; they also approved and signed the library manifest.

The Trustees reviewed the Trustees of the Trust Funds annual report. It was agreed that all retained income (5/1/16-4/30/17) will be requested for book expenses.

Kate Thomas provided a brief summary of her recent meeting with the Selectmen regarding the tree removal invoice ($1,850.00). The Township agreed to pay $850.00, while the Library will pay the balance of $1,000.00. It was agreed that the invoice would be paid from the budget. Kate also requested a copy of the survey map to determine the Library’s property lines for future reference in the event of tree removal or planting.

Richard proposed the need for septic tank cleaning; he will locate the tank and schedule an appointment with Bell Septic.

The Trustees reviewed the Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plan. New employee contact information and revision dates have been added. Kate will review the plan with the staff.

The Trustees reviewed the quarterly treasurer and investment accounts and noted the discrepancy between the Raymond James Library Memorial Fund and the quarterly report.

Richard provided the Trustees with updates regarding capital improvements: Ben Thomas will be ordering a new door to be installed upon arrival; wood needed for fence repair has been obtained, and the pickets cut. Richard and Nick will repair the fence once the weather improves. Richard will be sending a Request for Proposal (RFP) to sign fabricators, and once those are received, he will forward them to the Fitzwilliam Historical Society.

Kate presented the monthly Librarian’s Report, which showed a 10% increase in circulation overall; she stated that program planning continues to be a challenge, given the time commitment to each program. Coni Porter’s offer of free sugar maple saplings was turned down after a brief discussion; Richard will meet with the owner of Maple Hill Nursery to discuss suitable street trees. Discussion of Lucy Humphrey’s offer to host a fund-raising dinner for fence restoration has been postponed.

A brief discussion about summer art shows ensued. Kate provided the Trustees with examples of Meridian Azure’s work, and it was agreed that Kate would follow up with Ms. Azure about booking a show at the Library.

Kate announced that she will begin the Summer Reading Program sign-up Monday, June 12th. The official “kick-off” event will coincide with the Historic Society’s annual Strawberry Festival, June 24th, 1-4 PM. A musical instrument building workshop will be followed by a bluegrass concert (Mike Rogers) on the Library’s lawn.

A brief discussion about the findings from the Energy Audit ensued. It was agreed to prioritize the items and write a proposal addressing one of the items to be submitted to the CIP later this year.

The next Trustee meeting was scheduled for July 3rd, 2017 at 6 PM.

Richard put forth a motion to adjourn the meeting. Nick seconded it. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann M. McEntee, Secretary