Trustee Minutes, October 2011

Minutes for the Fitzwilliam Library Trustees Meeting, October 17, 2011

revised 11-07-2011

Present: Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Joanne Kesses and Susan Massin Absent: Maggie Brogdon

We approved the September 6, 2011 revised minutes, which will now be posted on the library
web site.

Minutes are posted after they are approved.

Building and Grounds Update -
The fall cleanup of the gardens is done. The front porch security light was replaced but failed after one day of rain: the roof leaks. Susan will call a carpenter to examine the porch roof. The dripping faucet in the bathroom is fixed. There remain branches that need to be cleaned away from the emergency exit. Richard and/or Nick will work on the sliding doors to the Meeting Room to make them shut easily.

Fiscal Topics —
Book Sale - It was a splendid fall day. Books sold brought in $1,163, bake sale made $259,
and white elephant table made $15 for a total of $1,437. We thank The Friends of the Library
and the additional helpers for making the sale a success.
Budget - Susan provided us with a preliminary 2012 budget that showed we are on target for
this year and do not anticipate any significant increase in the total for next year. The Budget
Hearing will be on November 17th at 8:00 PM. With enough money in the budget to add two
hours of work time, we approved that it be done and Susan will do so.
Capital Investment Plan - It remains the same—paint the building and construct an indoor fire
escape from the second floor. We will discuss the painting issue at the next meeting.
Art Show - Sybille Leary's was the most successful of the year. The library received a
commission check for $144.
Memorial Funds - memorial donations led to a discussion about our small endowment, making
the donor list more visible, and raising money to increase the endowment. We shall be
returning to those topics.
Miscellaneous - The Library Trustees unanimously approved placing the petition concerning the decrease in funding for the Inter Library Loan van on the circulation desk for patrons to read and sign if they wish.
Discussion of library card fees for non-residents was postponed until the final budget meeting.

The trustees signed the manifest and the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.

The next meeting will be Monday, November 7th at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
J. Nicholas Noyes