March 2013 Trustee Minutes

Minutes for the Fitzwilliam Library Trustees Meeting, Mar 4, 2013

Present: Maggie Brogdon, Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert, Susan Massin

The trustees approved the minutes of Feb 11, 2013 and Feb 13, 2013.

At the town meeting on March 12, 2013 Article #12 is for $6800 for painting and any needed repairs to the old part of the library building. It is listed as Phase 1. Phase 2 will be the new building.
Richard reported that we have a CD maturing. He will transfer the funds to the checking account to be available for purchasing books. We signed the manifest.

Building Report
The elevator door lock mechanism is broken so the elevator doesn’t work. It is scheduled for an annual inspection next month and will be repaired at that time. The front porch light has been replaced. The light inside the entrance needs to be replaced. Electrical outlets in the kitchen area are not working. Susan will ask John Greer to take care of these electrical problems.
Susan shared the carpet cleaning bids. Richard moved and Nick seconded that we accept the bid of Horrigan Cleaners of Gardner to have the carpets cleaned in April.

Other Agenda items
We have had no requests by artists to schedule a show this summer. Further discussion in April.
Susan reminded us of the Monadnock Conservancy meeting scheduled for Mar 8.
Jeremy is scheduled for his 6th month performance evaluation. Susan will be writing a good review and recommending his raise.
At 6:42 PM Cathie Talbert moved that the trustees go into a nonpublic session per RSA 91-A:3, paragraph II(e), in consideration of pending claims of litigation. Barbara Green seconded the motion.
The roll call vote went as follows—
Noyes - yes
Green - yes
Talbert - yes
Mays – absent (left prior to this part of the meeting)
Brogdon - yes

At 7:28 PM Nick Noyes moved that the trustees end the nonpublic session and per RSA 91-A:3, paragraph III(e) and seal the minutes. Cathie Talbert seconded the motion.
The roll call vote went as follows—
Noyes - yes
Green – yes
Talbert – yes
Mays - absent
Brogdon – yes

We adjourned at 7:29 PM.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 1 at 6:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Maggie Brogdon