June 3, 2013 Trustee Minutes

Minutes for Fitzwilliam Library Trustee's Meeting, June 3, 2013

Present: Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert, Susan Massin

Absent: Maggie Brogdon

We approved the May minutes.

Treasurer, Richard Mays will be available on some Saturdays to help with the review of the library bills, especially during the transition period to a new Library Director.

Nick Noyes gave a brief summary of the search committee's work.

The Library Trustees voted to instruct the Trustees of the Trust Funds to distribute to them all the income received from the Esdaille, Cleveland, Combined and Haskell trusts.

Susan reported that the library finances are in good shape and that she has been reviewing and documenting library procedures for the aid of the next director. She mentioned that in the fall we need to schedule a septic pumping (first digging up the butterfly bush marking the cover) and suggested again hiring Juana Lehtola to do a fall cleanup of the gardens. Also, she foresees the need to purchase two new computers later in the year.

The chimney repairs have been done with additional flashing added. The "old" exterior of the library will be painted in August.

Our telescope is now available for circulation.

The Library will host five programs this month. Summer Reading Program planning is underway. And September 28th is the date for the annual book sale.

We adjourned at 7:00pm.

Our next Trustee meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 1, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathie Talbert