August 5, 2013

Minutes for the Fitzwilliam Library Trustees Meeting, August 5, 2013

Present: Maggie Brogdon, Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert, Kate Thomas
The Trustees approved the minutes of July 1, 2013. We reviewed and signed the manifest.
Nick shared the Vachon Clukay library disbursement recommendation. Nick will notify the selectman of our procedures, which include the Trustees reviewing & signing the manifest at the beginning of our meeting before the treasurer, Richard Mays, signs the checks. Furthermore, all major expenditures are discussed by the Board of Trustees before a commitment is made to fund them.

Nick gave Kate a copy of the corrected copy of her contract.

We approved the expenditure of $88 plus shipping for the purchase of 4 GB of ram for the computer on the director’s desk. Kate and Nick will review the technology budget to help make recommendations for the replacement of the computer at the front desk. Kate will research the support for the current Quicken software and make a recommendation for when to update it.

NHLTA workshops -Cathie, Barbara & Richard are considering attending a session in the fall.

Richard shared the statues that were ordered to honor Susan Massin and discussed how to mount them.

Richard reported that Dennis Wright had noted carpenter ants on front porch while he was doing the prep work for painting and suggested that we contact someone for pest control. Cathie recommended JP Pest Control of Milford. Richard will confirm the location with Dennis and investigate pest control options.

Barbara announced that Carl Gravina of Wells Fargo Advisors will attend the October meeting.
Librarian’s Report
Kate has begun keeping records of accession/deaccession, circulation, and book orders with spreadsheets on Google Drive. She shared the current circulation numbers. She has started the library newsletter and currently has 39 subscribers. She suggested possible future programs to include a movie series, Humanities to Go, a Lego Club, continuing the Teen book group, etc. She has begun to look at ways to improve the use of space and will be weeding outdated materials prior to the library book sale.

At 7:09PM Richard moved that the trustees go into a nonpublic session per RSA 91-A:3, paragraph II(e), in consideration of pending claims of litigation. Barbara seconded the motion.
The roll call vote went as follows—
Noyes - yes
Green - yes
Talbert - yes
Mays - yes
Brogdon - yes

At 7:23PM Cathie moved that the trustees end the nonpublic session per RSA 91-A:3, paragraph III(e) and seal the minutes. Richard seconded the motion.
The roll call vote went as follows—
Noyes - yes
Green – yes
Talbert – yes
Mays - yes
Brogdon – yes

We adjourned at 7:24 PM.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, Sept 9 at 6:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Maggie Brogdon