Trustee Minutes Dec. 2, 2013

Minutes for Fitzwilliam Library Trustee's Meeting of December 2, 2013

Present: Barbara Green, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert and Kate Thomas, Library Director
Absent: Maggie Brogdon, Richard Mays

At 5:55 pm Nick called the meeting to order. We signed the manifest and approved, as written, the minutes of the regularly scheduled November 4, 2013 meeting and the non public session of November 19, 2013.

We reviewed, and with some minor corrections to punctuation, adopted the Collection Development Policy. We discussed the Circulation Policy. Kate will write in those changes discussed and we will review for adoption the policy at next month's meeting. A discussion on an Emergency Disaster Policy was postponed until January.

We discussed possible names for both library trustee and two alternates.

This fall has been an expensive one for repairs and maintenance to the building. To help defray the cost of some heating and lighting repairs the trustees decided to request $1,100 from the Marguerite Davis fund.

Jeremy is due for his review. Kate will give one by the end of the year.

Issues Kate mentioned in her report:

New computer for circulation desk has just been installed.
Repairs to the two printers appear to have been effective.
The ceiling paint in the area by the CD collection is peeling.
Kate would like to institute a bi-monthly staff meeting.
Joan Knight has offered to volunteer behind the desk when needed.
State inspector found one minor problem with a furnace gauge.
The need for note cards.
The keys to the closets in the community room have disappeared. Kate will see about
replacing the door knobs as the current setup has not worked well.
The program "Deep Freeze" needs to be renewed on the three public computers. The
cost is more reasonable for a three year renewal over a one year. We okayed the
three year renewal.
The Fire Department wants us to find a new location for one of our three fire

We adjourned at 7pm. Our next regularly scheduled meeting is for January 6, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathie Talbert