Minutes January 6, 2014

Minutes for Fitzwilliam Library Trustees’ Meeting of January 6, 2014

Present: Maggie Brogdon, Barbara Green, Nick Noyes, Richard Mays, Cathie Talbert and Kate Thomas, Library Director

At 6:01 pm Nick called the meeting to order. We signed the manifest and approved, as written, the minutes of the regularly scheduled Dec 2, 2013 meeting.

We met Kathy John and discussed hiring her, as needed, as a substitute librarian. Kate will check with the town about how to do this.

We reviewed, and with some minor corrections, adopted the Circulation Policy. We discussed the Emergency Disaster Policy. Kate shared several plans from other libraries. Kate will work on a proposed policy to be discussed at the regular January meeting.

Kate has been collecting information for the yearly state library report.
Richard and Kate are working on the information for the town report. They also will work on the report for the auditors.
We discussed possible names for two alternate library trustees. Cathie will contact several people about being alternates.

Kate completed Jeremy’s annual review. Kate recommended that he receive a step increase in pay. That raise is in the proposed budget and Kate will meet with Paula about it tomorrow.

Cathie will order a waterhog mat to replace the old mat in front of the new bookshelf.
Kate will contact a locksmith to replace the missing keys to the storage closets.

Librarian’s Report

Kate shared information about December programs and the yearly circulation data.
Movie screen and projector setup needs to be considered. Nick suggested screen paint and Kate will investigate the options.
Kate would like to revamp the Young Adult area and consider a gaming system.
She suggests that we consider integrating Mystery and Sci-Fi into the fiction collection.
She is investigating a new library website that will work better.
She suggested that the Trustees should begin discussing a list of goals for the future.
The new note cards are available.

We adjourned at 7:18 pm. Our next regularly scheduled meeting is for Feb 3, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Maggie Brogdon