Minutes for Fitzwilliam Library Trustees' Meeting, April 7, 2014

Present: Gail Landy, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert, Nancy Woodward (alternate) and Kate Thomas, Director

Absent: Barbara Green

At 6 pm Nick called the meeting to order. We welcomed new trustee, Gail Landy. We signed the manifest and approved the March 3, 2014 minutes. In approving those minutes we acknowledged our former secretary, Maggie Brogdon, and her dedication to the library board. Chairman, Nick Noyes asked that the following language be included in these minutes. "With quill and inkwell at her right hand and iPad and keyboard at her left, she has written and emailed the minutes fully and faithfully. The trustees wish her happy travels and she will find tucked in her luggage our sincerest gratitude."

Nick shared Barbara's report on the recent NHLTA meeting where the topic had been a discussion on technology. Fitzwilliam lags behind the Keene and Peterborough libraries in terms of technology but because we offer a Kindle for circulation we are ahead of some other area libraries. At that meeting Barbara offered Fitzwilliam as a location for a future NHLTA meeting.

We discussed the need to have a second person work on Saturday, a day which can be very hectic. There is no money in the 2014 budget to pay for extra employee hours. For now, Kate will speak with Donna and Jeremy to see if some of their hours can be adjusted to help provide more Saturday coverage. This issue will be revisited in the fall as we prepare our 2015 budget.

We reviewed a proposed Emergency Disaster Plan and agreed that further work needed to be done before approval. This plan will be on our May agenda. Discussion of an Appropriate Behavior Policy and a Strategic Plan was postponed until May.

The trustees authorized the Library Director to expend the $2,629.80 from the Special Book Fund as she feels is necessary. Kate mentioned a need for more Children and Young Adult Books.

Kate shared with us the form she has for library volunteers to sign.

We elected officers for the 2014 year:
Chair - Nick Noyes
Treasurer - Richard Mays
Secretary - Cathie Talbert

Library Director's report

After a receiving a good evaluation Kate recommended that Donna receive a raise and the trustees concurred. Nick will write a letter notifying the Select board of our decision.

There are ongoing maintenance issues with the elevator.

Shelving for office and staff bathroom have been purchased and are awaiting installation.

Keys for storage closets in the meeting room are in place.

Circulation for March, 2014 is up almost 1% over the previous March. Computer usage continues to rise and the headphones that were recently purchased for use at the public computers are very popular. With the new display racks magazine circulation is up. For January, 2014 it was double that of the previous January.

Updating the website is continuing.

Kate recently attended a workshop on Kids and Technology.

Kate shared with the trustees the notice from the State Attorney General about future seminars for library trustees.

The trustees authorized $270 for the purchase of a 10' wide screen for projecting movies in the Quick meeting room. Room darkening shades may be required later.

Richard Mays had to leave at 7 pm. We adjourned our regularly scheduled meeting at 7:02 pm.

At 7:07 pm Nick Noyes moved that the trustees go into a nonpublic session per RSA 91-A:3, paragraph II(e), in consideration of pending claims of litigation. Gail Landy seconded the motion.
The roll call vote went as follows -

Landy - yes
Noyes - yes
Talbert - yes
Woodward - yes