Minutes for Fitzwilliam Library Trustees’ Meeting of May 5, 2014

Present: Barbara Green, Nick Noyes, Richard Mays, Kate Thomas (Library Director), and Nancy Woodward (alternate)
Absent: Cathie Talbert, Gail Landy

At 6:05 PM Nick called the meeting to order. We reviewed and signed the manifest. We approved the minutes of the regularly scheduled April 7, 2014 meeting.

We discussed Long Range Planning—
The Committee so far—Nancy Woodward, Barbara Green, Kate Thomas.
The committee plans to hold monthly meetings.
We reviewed and discussed Nancy’s handout, “Outline & Steps.”

We looked at the report from the Trustees of Trusts and decided to withdraw all income from the four book trust funds. With the Trustees of Trusts assent, we decided to submit an annual or semi-annual request to disburse income from those four funds without a report from the Trustees of Trusts. We will request a disbursement from income in the Marguerite Davis (building) Fund as needed.

We reviewed the Emergency Procedure / Disaster Plan. Final changes will be made, and we will review it again next meeting.

We approved the Appropriate Behavior Policy.

Librarian’s Report
Kate reported on circulation, programs, and computer usage for April. The newsletter now has 157 recipients.
Summer reading program will focus on science. She is looking for local scientists to make presentations to adults and/or children.
Shelves have been installed in office and staff bathroom.
We discussed the possibility of local artists for art shows this summer.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is June 2, 2014 at 6:00 PM.
We adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
J. Nicholas Noyes