Minutes for Library Trustees' Meeting, October 6, 2014

Present: Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert, Nancy Woodward (Alternate) and Kate Thomas, Director

Absent: Gail Landy

Nick called the meeting to order at 6pm.

We met with Carl Gravina of Wells Fargo Advisors for the annual review of our investment portfolio. Our portfolio is in line with our investment policy and is well balanced for today's market. For 2014 YTD we are up 2.0% and since inception, January 12, 2004, the account has grown at annual rate of 4.7%.

We signed the manifest and approved the minutes of September 8th.

Long Range Planning gave a report. After a thorough review of Tomorrow by Design they are still considering ways to survey non library users. The minutes/notes from this sub committee are on file in the Library. Their next meeting will be October 28th.

We approved the Art Show Guidelines.

We had a lengthy discussion on ways to deal with the portion of our roof that is susceptible to the build up of snow and ice and with the ensuing problem of a water leak over the DVD collection. We looked at four different estimates from local contractors for repairs. Nick will ask two of them for further clarification. Based on the estimates received we will put $5,000 in the budget for this work. As none of the contractors are able to begin this work until later this winter we will continue to have someone rake the snow buildup when necessary.

We reviewed the first draft of the preliminary budget. This year's budget will request 5 additional hours for more staffing.

Kate gave a quick summary of her librarian's report: circulation for September was up by 10% and eight programs were offered. Garden cleanup is ongoing and the elevator needs a new power supply. She will be on vacation October 17 - 25.

We adjourned at 7:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathie Talbert