Minutes for Library Trustees' Meeting, February 3, 2015

Present: Barbara Green, Gail Landy, Richard Mays, Nick Noyes, Cathie Talbert, Nancy Woodward (Alternate) and Kate Thomas (Director)

Nick called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

We signed the manifest and approved the minutes of the January 5, 20 and 29, 2015 meetings. There was one correction to the January 5th minutes. Reading to Dogs happens on Wednesday afternoons and not Saturday mornings as written.

We reviewed the 2014 final quarterly report on our trust funds. This report is in a new format which was well received by the auditors. Kate said that the meeting with the auditors went well this year.

Gail passed out some samples of Conflict of Interest Statements for us to study. This will be discussed next month along with our Meeting Room Policy.

We have received approval from the Historic District Commission to use PVC material for our roof repair.

Nancy reported that the Long Range Planning Committee has placed collection boxes (bright yellow ones) at the Town Hall, Library and Transfer Station for the survey responses.

Librarian's report:

The circulation was up and there were 12 programs offered for January. In February there will be a Chinese New Year's party and a program for making Valentines. The Lego Club has a ninth grader as a helper and there is a volunteer redoing the spine labels.

The elevator is still not working.

The Budget Committee has voted to reduce our book buying budget to $1,000. Kate is hoping that this motion will be reconsidered at their February 5th meeting and she is encouraging residents to attend.

We adjourned at 6:51pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathie Talbert