Minutes April 6, 2015 Meeting

Present: J. Nickolas Noyes, Gail P. Landy, Barbara Green, Richard Mays, Dick Goettle, Nancy Woodward(alternate), Director Kate Thomas

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Noyes at 6:02pm.

Dick Goettle was welcomed to the Trustees after his election at Town Meeting.

Gail P. Landy agreed to serve as Secretary for six months.

The Trustees reviewed and signed the manifest.

Minutes from the March 2, 2015 meeting were approved as sent.

Richard Mays requested that the subject of the statues be added to agenda.

The Trustee Code of Conduct final draft was presented, approved, and it was decided to post it on the library website with other library policies.

Gail Landy handed out a draft of the Meeting Rooms policy revision and application form. Possible additions and changes were discussed. Since the Trustee timeline for revision approval of the plan is June, it was decided Gail would create and distribute a DRAFT 2 for Trustee discussion at the May meeting.

The quarterly review of the library financial spreadsheet was postponed until May since the all monthly statements had not yet been received.

The money for roof repair over the DVD section was approved at Town Meeting. The Trustees asked Nick to request a more detailed written description of the scope of work, including the window issue, and a statement about his insurance/bonding coverage from Al Johnson.

Nancy Woodward reported for the Long Range Planning Committee that the detailed tally of the questionnaire (which Trustees had received) was for general information only and that the Committee would be looking for input from other under-represented ages/users before recommendations would be made.

Richard Mays reported the statue, which had been damaged by weather, was now repaired but that it should not be placed outside again. Trustees decided to try the spot next to the elevator. Richard will place it there.

There was a discussion about the letter received from the Selectmen indicating a difference in interpretation as to pay for snow days. More research as to other library and town policies will be done.

Director Thomas presented a written report the highlights of which follow:

She reported on a number of maintenance items including success in finding an elevator repair company that knew how to service/repair our elevator. (New England Elevator in New Ipswich) In addition to repairs, Mr. Wilder made recommendations about proactive steps on other library systems. Cost for these will be worked into future budgets. Rug cleaning will also be budgeted.

Trustees received a copy of our figures for the New Hampshire Public Library Statistical Report that Kate has submitted.

Circulation remains virtually the same as last March (down 11 items).
25 Programs were held with an attendance of 178.

Mary Fraser is now being paid for her weekly story times(2 hours per week).

The Monadnock Library Trustees group will be meeting in Antrim April 10. All are welcome.

The NHLTA Conference is May 8th. Applications were handed out.

Kate also reported progress on library website revision.

Great appreciation and many thanks were expressed for Cathie Talbert’s years of work and service as a Library Trustee . Cathie left the Trustees at the end of her term in March. Trustees wish her much fun in her “retirement”.

The next Trustee meeting will be Monday, May 4th at 6pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail P. Landy