Minutes Fitzwilliam Town Library Board of Trustees August 3, 2015

Present: J. Nicholas Noyes, Gail P. Landy, Richard Mays, Barbara Green, Director Thomas

Absent: Dick Goettle, Nancy Woodward(alternate)

The meeting was called to order at 6:07pm by Nick Noyes. The manifest was approved and the minutes of the July 6, 2015 meeting were approved with the revision of the price of the replacement window and the addition of the approval of the non-public meeting minutes.

The window above the DVD section has been installed and is ready for Barry Johnson to do the roofing portion of the job. Both Ben Thomas and Nick will contact Mr. Johnson to let him know he can begin his work.

Kate reported that there is now a rough draft of the Long Range Plan document that after more work will be presented to the Trustees for input and possible revisions.

Richard presented a spreadsheet that covered the second quarter figures for non-town library accounts. After reviewing the report it was initialed by the Trustees.

Kate indicated that she will be taking vacation from September 11-19th.

After some discussion about the September meeting (falling on Labor Day) it was decided to move the meeting to August 31st----pending notification of Board members not present at the meeting.

Librarian’s report:

Statistics continue to be down a small amount from last year. Kate will check categories that show decreases with the thinking that Netflix and streaming may be affecting DVD circulation.

There were 20 programs in July with 247 participants. There is a slight increase in number of individuals signing up for Summer Reading Club.

Richard replaces 12 light bulbs in the “gallery” and made the recommendation that we start switching to LED bulbs when replacements are necessary.

Susan Massin suggested the library spend the Massin memorial money on newer books on antiques. Kate is compiling a list and Barbara Green will ask her daughter for suggestions.

A somewhat lengthy discussion of technology needs of the library was held with the Trustees indicating that the monies in the line item for a laptop could be added to other technology monies in the budget if necessary. Kate will look further into the public terminal issues and present a temporary solution. There will be a more extensive technology plan generated as a recommendation in the Long Range Plan.

Kate presented a list of upcoming programs for August. The library book sale will be September 12th from 9-2.

Kate will be gone Labor Day weekend, September 11-19, and October 27-Nov. 1st. Trustees suggested November 9 at 5:30 as a substitute date—again pending input from all Trustees. Earlier meeting time was suggested since it is a book group meeting night.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail P. Landy