Minutes Fitzwilliam Town Library Board of Trustees January 4, 2016

Present: J. Nicholas Noyes, Richard Mays, Barbara Green, Dick Goettle, Nancy Woodward (alternate), Director Kate Thomas
Absent: Gail P. Landy

The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by President Nick Noyes.

The minutes of the December 7, 2015 meeting were approved as modified by the correction of a typo, changing the word “surplus’s” to “surpluses.” The manifest was reviewed and signed by the Trustees. Going forward the Trustees agreed to review the Director’s cash flow spreadsheet as part of reviewing and signing the manifest (rather than reviewing the spreadsheet later in the meeting when discussing the Director’s report). This change was proposed by R.Mays, seconded by J. N. Noyes and approved by the Trustees.

The Library is awaiting final figures for December 2015 from the Town to determine the extent of a 2015 expected surplus.

R. Mays and B. Green will ready the quarterly financial spreadsheet for the auditors, etc.


• Following an inspection, it was learned that the Library’s sprinkler system requires upgrade and modification. This work will be performed in 2016. A discussion ensued as to how to pay for this work. J. N. Noyes presented an accounting of the Marguerite Davis Fund which is one of the possible sources of funds for this project. Other possible sources include the 2016 Repairs budget and/or 2015 surplus funds. The funding will be determined when the estimate for the work is received and approved.

• R. Mays reported on estimates and schedule for exterior painting for 2016, 2017 and 2018. R. Mays will forward the estimates to J. N. Noyes. Painting in each of these years is well within the CIP allocations indicated to the Trustees by the Town.

• The Library is still awaiting pricing and delivery of replacement batteries for the emergency lights.

• An outstanding item on the CIP list is the fire escape. B. Green spoke with architect Malcolm Katz who has knowledge of the building codes related to fire escapes in public buildings. In the near term, he will stop by to look at our existing fire escape. K. Thomas has also done research on the NH State Fire Code and included her findings and the web links in the Director’s report.

• The Trustees discussed ideas for better placement or new size and style for the sandwich board (What’s Up sign). At present, it tends to be hidden on the porch and should be made more visible.

Long Range Planning Committee – N. Woodward reported that editing is complete. Copies of the LRP will be sent to the Director, the Trustees, Susan Curtin, and Cathie Talbert. The goal is to have a final document published before Town Meeting 2016 and a tri-fold brochure highlighting the plan for general distribution.

Library Director’s Review – The review was completed by Trustees and Staff as well as a self-evaluation by the Director. The findings across these reviews were well-aligned. Broadly, it revealed that the Director is overburdened with directorship and program responsibilities. The Director needs to delegate more duties to Trustees and Staff. The Director and Trustees will formulate three goals for 2016, the first of which is “branding” the Library to aid in the fulfillment of LRP objectives.

J. N. Noyes and R. Mays indicated that they plan to run again for Library Trustees.

Director’s Report - Recognizing that 2015 circulation was down 14% from 2014, the Trustees discussed possible reasons for this, which include use changes on the part of home-school families. In terms of the collection, reorganization of the fiction collection is complete and the YA area has been enlarged. Elaine Bieber applied for the pre-school story-time position and will be doing this on a trial basis. If successful, she will continue in this capacity, reducing the time commitment of the Director. NH has initiated a state-wide program entitled “A Thousand Books Before Kindergarten.” The Director has mailed invitations to patrons with young children, encouraging them to participate in this program.

The next meeting is Monday February 1, 2016 at the library. Meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm.
Respectfully submitted, Dick Goettle, Trustee