Minutes of the Fitzwilliam Library Board of Trustees August 1, 2016

PRESENT: Nick Noyes, Richard Mays, Dick Goettle, Gail Landy, Barbara Green, Susan Curtin (Alternate), Director Kate Thomas

The meeting was called to order by President Nick Noyes at 6:02pm in the Meeting Room of the Fitzwilliam Library. The manifest was reviewed and signed. The Trustees reviewed the Director’s spending to date spreadsheet.

Trustees approved the transfer of $519.69 from the Special Building Fund to cover faucet repair, the electrician’s bill, and miscellaneous charges for work done on the 2nd floor to meet code.

The minutes of the July 11, 2016 meeting were approved as sent with one typo correction.

Trustees signed copies of a letter to the Board of Selectmen requesting a schedule of payments of Town monies budgeted for the library.

Nick Noyes presented a preliminary budget process sheet to aid in preparation of the 2017 budget. This sheet included costs for running the Library as well as anticipated monies for coming years. Discussion will continue on timing of Memorial Fund draw-downs.

Nick Noyes also suggested additions and clarifications to the Fitzwilliam Town Library Investment Policy. The revised document will be distributed to the Trustees for final review before it is posted on library webpage.

Barbara Green and Richard Mays discussed the work done in the 2nd floor meeting room. There still needs some clarification on whether current location of sprinkler heads is acceptable. Kate will pursue this with the sprinkler company and with the Fire Department. The new emergency exit/directional signs are installed. The Trustees voted to replace the fire escape exit door with a metal door of a similar style. Two cost estimates are being sought.

Susan Curtin reported on the urgency of getting insurance coverage for the recently returned Bulgarian and Hawaiian collections. Pending a professional appraisal, a separate Inland Marine policy might be purchased or an endorsement might be added to current insurance policy. She stressed the need for immediate action on coverage. Nick will speak with the Selectmen’s Office about Town/Library coverage. There may be a useful appraisal in court documents.

Nick, Barbara, and former Trustee Cathy Talbot received the returned collection and checked it against the inventory. James Baldwin paid the court-ordered $300 to the Library for the two clarinets previously sold from the collection.

Nick will also speak with the Selectmen about the requested testimonial for Shaheen and Gordon law offices. If it is approved Trustees will require anonymity. Nick will let the firm know if a testimonial is appropriate from a governmental body.

The Internet Policy was reviewed. At the request of the Director the word ”once” in the Guidelines section line 2 was deleted from the current policy. The Trustees approved the revised policy with the one-word change. The revised policy will be posted on the Library website.

Richard Mays reported the painting of the south side of the Library has been completed at a cost of $2980.

After looking into bike racks commercially available, Richard reported that there were both aesthetic and installation issues with the ones he found. He requested time over the winter to design and build a bike rack that would function better for the library. The Trustees agreed.

The Director reported circulation is down but is the same in many area libraries this summer. Great weather possibly a cause. Summer Reading is wrapping up this week. The finale will be Thursday evening with a Comedy Juggler and a visit from the ice cream truck. Attendance at the 18 July programs was 131.

Books will be accepted for the September 24th book sale beginning August 6th.

Carolyn Edwards reported she sold 4 of her artworks during her show.
Pat Dunbar’s show opens Saturday August 8th at 10am
Connie Porter’s installation continues in the Library yard throughout the summer.

The next meeting is set for Monday, September 12 at 5:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18pm

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Landy