Minutes of the Meeting of the Fitzwilliam Town Library Board of Trustees September 12, 2016

Approved October 3, 2016

Present: Nick Noyes, Dick Goettle, Richard Mays, Barbara Green, Gail P. Landy, Susan Curtin—alternate, Director Kate Thomas

Absent: none

The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm in the second floor Meeting Room of the library. The Trustees reviewed and signed the manifest. The Librarian’s spread sheet of library spending was reviewed. As a point of information Nick indicated that overages in an account could /would be covered by transfer of unexpended monies from other line items as the budget year progresses.

The Trustees reviewed and approved the minutes of the August 1, 2016 Trustee meeting.

There was a discussion about the over-expenditure from the Town CIP monies for painting the library exterior this summer. A question was raised as to whether the money needed to come from library monies since it is a Town account and other CIP projects might come in below budget. Director Thomas indicated that since the monies for the library painting was a specific warrant article with a specific dollar amount other CIP funds could not be used for the overage.

Nick presented a preliminary budget document for FY 2017. Not all figures are complete at this time pending further research and some input from the Town.
A lengthy discussion was held about the Federal changes in overtime eligible positions. Trustees will continue to research whether Director Thomas must go on hourly status instead of salaried. There is some indication that this could cost more because of actual hours worked. It could result in staffing coverage issues as well. This also increases liability when only a single staff member is in the building. The budget document will reflect this change that is currently scheduled to take effect December 1, 2016. The Library Director position may be the only Town position affected.

The Library received a long awaited bequest of $397.66 from the Estate of Alice G. Bridgman. “According to her will she requested that this money be used to purchase books.” The money will be deposited in the checking account and spent on books in FY2016.

Trustees continue to look for a second alternate to the Board and will also be deciding how to handle the Trustee vacancy created by Gail Landy’s resignation.

Nick presented the revised investment policy to the Trustees and indicated the changes from the previous version including specific wording on drawdowns of specific library funds (paragraph 3), and in paragraph indicating how and when there would be draw-downs from the Memorial Fund currently managed by Wells Fargo. Richard Mayes moved and Dick Goettle seconded the motion to approve the Investment Policy as distributed. The new policy was signed and given to Director Thomas for filing with the state and posting on the library website.

Richard Mays is working with two individuals to obtain quotes for bring second floor meeting room exterior door up to code.

Nick and Barbara met with the Selectmen about the Locke Collection. It was decided to use the older estimate for insurance purposes and to put money in the 2017 budget for a complete updated appraisal. Three hundred dollars is available to be a part of this funding. The Selectmen indicated they did not feel display of the items was a high priority at this time.

Concern was again expressed that the library has nothing in writing as to insurance coverage for the Locke Collection. The Town’s insurance agent indicated the items are covered but the Library has received nothing in writing and Trustees will be pursuing this. A binder and then an endorsement on the policy including a full inventory of the collection is the goal.

Trustees agreed to ask the Trustees of the Trust Funds for $1520 from the Davis Building Fund to cover $180 overage in painting costs and the $1340 costs for sprinkler repairs.

The Director’s report included that circulation is down from last year but the 11 programs had a total attendance of 332. The porch light has been fixed. In terms of sprinklers—the ultimate decision is made by Fire Chief , but Hampshire doesn’t see anything of concern. Friends of the Library have purchased some organizers for the Children’s area to help with display of new items.

Kate will attend Back to School Night at Emerson Sept. 14. The booksale will be September 24th. At the same time there will be a program---Caterpillar Lab. Food Fest was a big success but is looking for an organizer for next year. There will be an Email for Seniors program on September 26th at 2:30pm. The September film will be “Love and Friendship” on September 30.

Gail P. Landy